For years, metal braces have been the only option when it comes to straightening your teenager’s teeth. Metal braces can easily bring your teen’s teeth into proper alignment and close gaps. However, as more options of braces become available, clear braces for teens is an exciting development that comes with a great amount of benefits.

Are Clear Braces for Teens a Good Option?

While metal braces get the job done, some teens find themselves wishing for a less dramatic option. Clear braces offer teens excellent smile alignment results without the stark appearance of metal braces. This innovative form of braces uses clear brackets and thin wires getting the same great results, but without a drastic change in appearance.

What are Clear Braces?

The brackets used for clear braces are made out of ceramic materials so they’re relatively more brittle compared to the metal materials in traditional braces. This means the brackets cannot be repositioned during the treatment period. Instead, each bracket is attached to the front of each tooth and an archwire runs through the brackets to apply tension.

The archwire connects to a ligature that holds the tension placed by the orthodontist. If your teen has any bite issues, rubber bands are attached between the brackets to pull the top and bottom jaw into the correct alignment.

It’s important your teenager maintains a strict oral care routine while they have clear braces. Clear brackets are prone to staining, so they should be brushed at least twice a day. Using floss and mouthwash afterward is highly recommended to not only keep their teeth healthy, but the clear brackets looking fresh and new. Flossing with a water irrigation device can improve oral hygiene and keep stains from settling in the clear brackets.

Why Clear Braces for Teens are a Good Option

Clear braces are a good option for your teenager because of the wonderful benefits that come right away. Clear braces blend in naturally with the tooth color so your teenager can confidently go about daily activities without any worry or feeling distracted by the presence of their braces.

Since clear braces blend in with the surrounding teeth, they are also a great option for older teenagers and adults who may find themselves feeling more self-conscious with traditional metal braces.

Another great option is clear braces can feel more comfortable than metal braces. Since clear braces use ceramic brackets, your teenager will probably need to attend a few extra appointments to adjust the braces to avoid overstressing the bracketry.

During these appointments, the orthodontist will gradually increase the tension on the wires to pull the teeth into alignment without breaking the brackets. Because this process uses smaller adjustments compared to the tightening of metal braces, clear braces can be more comfortable.

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