Best kids’ dentist in Canton

Children’s teeth need the special attention of an experienced pediatric or kids dentist who has the advanced training to look for developing teeth and mouth structure milestones and abnormalities. Our best kids’ dentist in Canton at Nia Pediatric & Family Orthodontics performs all the services that young children, older children and teens need to start their oral health off on the right road to a lifetime of great dental health. Our practice also offers expert orthodontic services for the entire family, including adults.


It is not uncommon for a child or adolescent’s teeth to come in with a slight imperfection or to suffer an injury, such as a chip or crack. While these imperfections are mainly cosmetic they can turn into a dental health hazard it they are allowed to go unprotected and widen enough to allow debris and bacteria inside the tooth to become a source of decay. Whether the tooth is a primary or permanent tooth it needs to be protected against further erosion. Our best kid’s dentist in Canton often uses dental bonding to protect these teeth and help them look good at the same time. During the bonding process a white filling is placed on the tooth and it is shaped by our doctor to the exact dimension of the tooth, a light helps “cure” the bonding and once it is bonded to the tooth will cover cracks, chips and any stains. The bonding material comes in a variety of tooth-colored shades to match any tooth. The filling material is also used to fill cavities instead of amalgam fillings because it contains no metal and is the color of the tooth it is filling.


Whenever possible for use bonding has advantages over placing a crown on the tooth. It is generally less expensive than a crown, requires less removal of tooth material and is usually completed in just one visit. If your child’s tooth has an imperfection or is stained call our best kid’s dentist in Canton office for a consultation and our doctor will make it look new again.

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