We’d be lying as parents if we said we didn’t constantly worry about what our kids are eating when we’re not looking. A top children’s dentist in the Atlanta area is here to give their expert back to school advice.

Classmate birthday parties, plus school and holiday celebrations galore can wreak havoc on young (and teenage) teeth. Your kids can go back to school with easy dental care tips. Now, you’ll be stress-free about their oral health when they’re not at home.


Children’s Dentist Health Tips

Non-plaque forming healthy foods and snacks

Do your kids buy lunch at school? It’s harder to monitor what they eat if they buy cafeteria food. A children’s dentist suggest that whenever you can, have them pack a lunch at home. Fill it with a hearty sandwich, crackers, fresh fruit, veggie sticks, and yummy dips. Pack flavored water instead of soda or juice.

What about snacks for lunch or after school activities? Instead of having your children rely on vending machine gummies, candy bars, and chips, have them bring snacks. Can hummus with crackers or veggies be an option? What about nuts and seeds mixed with dark chocolate and dried fruit? Unhealthy snacks are fun, but can easily cause decay on teeth without a brushing.

Gum that is good for you and flossing on the go

If bringing a lunch for your kids isn’t an option, then have extra support ready to go! Have your kids always carry a pack of gum like Trident that is delicious and also cleans your teeth.

Does your kids’ school not allow gum? Well then, put a few dental pick flossers in their backpacks. This way, they can pop into the bathroom and give their teeth an easy pre-cleaning.

After school tooth brushing

The American Dental Association recommends children and adults brush their teeth morning and night for two minutes each time. Although, it’s common for people to carry a toothbrush with them to work or school for a mid-day teeth cleaning. This doesn’t have to be an every day thing. An after-school brushing can occur when you know they had a celebration with food.

Therefore, if you’re home when your kids get home from school, have them brush their teeth. If not, remind them to and stay on them about it. 

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