We took my daughter yesterday for her first dental exam. We were very impressed with the cleanliness of office. The staff was extremely friendly. And we especially liked Dr. Azi! Being not even a year old yet, this was Riley’s first visit and we were a little nervous. However, Dr. Azi put us completely at ease. We have definitely found ourselves a dentist for our daughter.

Diane L.

My children and I are very happy at Nia Pediatric Dentistry. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The office is bright and cheerful. The dentist took the time to explain the treatment that was needed to both me and my child. Treatment was a breeze… my son had on a pair of headphones and watched tv while the dentist was working on him. No problems at all. The kids look forward to going to this dental office.

Angela L.

Two of our daughters are patients at Nia – one for pediatric dentistry and other for orthodontics. We are very pleased with the quality of care we have received. The office staff is cheerful and helpful and all the dental staff is, as well. Thanks for taking such good care of our children!

Jean T.

I am satisfied with my service at Nia Dentistry. Their staff is very friendly and attentive, and the office is clean and welcoming. I got my braces on in August of this year and I can already see the changes! I can’t wait to see my new smile after my treatment. The price for my braces are the most affordable I have come across, so happy I found Nia Dentistry!

Brittany C.

I love Nia Pediatric Dentistry!!! They have provided a great affordable price and are always doing their best to fit their patients needs. The service in which they provide is incredible. If you need a quality dentistry or orthodontist please consider Nia, and I promise you won’t regret it.

Will S

After the arduous task of finding the right pediatric dentist for my children I finally found Nia Dentistry. My son had a cavity to be filled, his first, and other suggestions of work to be done by another doctor. Our experience with Nia Dentistry was 100% positive! The doctor was amazing with my five year old who was anxious to have his first cavity filled. She was patient and knew just how to calm him down. The entire staff was courteous and kind and his cavity was filled with very little difficulty! What a relief! In addition, the doctor took the time to explain things to me by way of correct hygiene and also gave me a second opinion on some other things that were suggested. I would give Nia Dentistry 10 stars if I could but they only allow 5. Thank goodness for people who really enjoy what they do.

Victoria N.

We have just started visiting Nia for both their Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic services and we have been extremely pleased with their customer care and service. (both parents and kids have been impressed). Great customer service, and visits have been painless (physically and mentally)! Great atmosphere to make the kids feel relaxed and have observed the Dentist and Orthodontist consult as a team about each of our children’s care which is a bonus!

Sarah C

After visiting numerous pediatric dentists over the past 5 years with my three sons, we have finally found “our dentist.” Nia Dentistry is so great with the kids. It’s not overwhelming like a Chuck E. Cheese and the staff is just so great. Both times we have been, I was so impressed with both the hygienists and especially the dentist herself. So kind and caring. They all treat your child like he/she is their own. We love this dentist and tell all of our friends about it. I’m so glad we have finally found a dentist we can trust. I have been to quite a few where I have suspected my son may not really even have a cavity.

Kelly N.

Whoever thought that going to the dentist would be an enjoyable experience? When we walked in the door, we were welcomed by Nia Dentisty’s friendly staff and a beautifully designed waiting room complete with a play area for the toddlers, video games for the older kids, and a Keurig coffee station for the adults! Each dental station has a flat screen tv installed in the ceiling above it to keep the children calm and entertained while their dental work was being completed. Dr. Azi is amazing and so good with the kids! …Truly an enjoyable experience from start to finish! We will definitely be telling our friends! ( :

Cinnamon M.

Best experience ever. I am loving our new dentist. From check-in to check-out, everyone was so kind, professional and PATIENT. I have a child with sensory issues and everyone was wonderful with him. Dr. Azi spent time explaining everything and making sure we had no questions. I learned more in this one trip to the dentist than all of our past trips to our former dentists.

Hope S.

We have been a patient of both the orthodontist and the dentist and both are awesome !! They are very caring and great with children. They put you and your child at ease. I would highly recommend them. They are professional and have a good staff.

Susan P.

I love nia, it is the best dentist office I have ever been too!! They have helped me with my cavities and cleaned my teeth multiple times! Thank you so much for what you do!!!

Casey B.

We came in and felt right at home with the employees as well as the dentist. This was an unusual experience in that they had fun costumes and interesting things for the children to engage in while there. This was a switch for us and it worked out GREAT!. My children love it and it is very close in proximity. We are telling everyone about it. Mom ! Marjorie Mitchell,

Angel R.

I just recently finished a 6 month course of Adult Braces with Nia Dentistry and I am beyond excited! I have never had a perfect smile and when I receive a brochure from Nia Dentistry about there adult braces I decided to go for it. Now in just 6 months my smile is beautiful and I am so grateful to Dr. Nia and his staff. Dr. Nia and his staff are extremely professional, friendly and willing to accommodate everything. Also with my visits to the office I saw them working with children during my visits and there level of care with these children was amazing. So friendly and caring to the children to make them feel at ease at the dentist I am sure made them feel more comfortable to be there. I highly recommend this office for all Orthodontic needs and pediatric dentistry.

Lisa B.

I have had an amazing experience since day one. My children love going to see Dr. Azi and Dr. Nia. Extremely great with children and we are treated like family. Even the ladies at the front desk are very welcoming when you walk in. My children, unfortunately, have to have a lot of dental and orthodontic work done. Dr. Nia’s office is definitely has great prices and work with you on a payment plan. I highly recommend everyone bring the children to Nia’s Pediatric Dentistry and Family Orthodontics.

Kimberly W.

Great experience! Kind and caring staff did a wonderful job communicating my child’s needs. They recommended procedures and detailed the available options. Child friendly décor and personable staff to guide them through their journey. My children were smiling from start to finish and after receiving the bill, mom was happy too! Competitive pricing in a clean, competent and friendly environment 🙂

Dorie M. , Canton, GA

I am an adult orthodontic patient and from my initial consultation and through out my treatment I have been an extremely satisfied and grateful patient. Dr. Nia is extremely professional and makes you feel at ease. He has always answered all of my questions and made my appointments fast and efficient. Ashley his dental/ortho assistant is also great, she is very professional and makes sure that you know what she is doing and that you are comfortable. Overall, I am thankful that I found Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Family Orthodontics! They also have interest free payment plans 🙂

Jessica D., Canton, GA

The staff are amazing! We’ve had several issues with my daughter’s teeth which have delayed braces. The staff was able to take care of the issues and get her braces on with ease providing me with a treatment plan and a payment plan that I understood and fit our family. I also have a 5 year old who is being treated and he loves coming to the dentist. Everyone there is there for kids. Kids notice and so do parents. I highly recommend this office.

Anna H.

My children had never been to the dentist. They were both very anxious about the experience. It was AWESOME. You would have thought I had taken them to Disney World. They did not want to leave. The staff is great and Dr. Nia is amazing. I wish they took adults.

Robbye B.

From the first phone call to set the appointment, your staff was great. The service you provided my grand-daughter was excellent and I will recommend you to all my friends and family. Thank you for being there for us!!!!

Libby M.

This was a wonderful experience! The people who work there are nice and they gave us a good deal!

Cary O.

I actually live 2 1/2 hours south of canton, in Warner Robins Ga and Nia Pediatric Dentisty is such a professional, and down to earth office. Their office really defines what great customers should be.I’m always pleased with the level of service I receive from everyone in my office. I’m always telling people that ask me about my braces where I go. I wish this dental office nothing,but the best and much success!

 Brie D.

Dr. Azi, you are the best dentist and great with kids, Thank you so much for taking care of Connor. Connor has been asking if he can come to GA and see you every 3 months.

– Sean, Lisa K., Aurora, CO

 The staff is GREAT!!! I always leave with a smile on my face since I first step foot into the office.. He goes step by step so you can know exactly whats going on or simply Lay back and watch television to make the time fly by. Yesterday was my third time coming and I am SUPER pleased!! Thanks!

-Kayla S.

Thanks Dr. Nia for my beautiful smile. I can’t stop myself from smiling at people all the time. I promise I will wear my retainers every night! (I miss my braces already!)

– Jessica S., McDonough, GA

My kids love coming to see Dr. Azi, they actually looking forward to come to dentist .

– Mary L., Aurora, Co

Excellent Doctors and friendly Staff. Last week we had a consultation for Braces with Dr. Nia for our daughter. He explained all of our options and recommended his treatment plan. Tallie the care coordinator presented us with different payment options. they already have contacted our insurance company and everything was clear. The prices were more than fair. We love this office and trust them one hundred percent. Our daughter will get her braces next week. Thanks

Mike W.

You know you’ve found a great dentist when your kids actually look forward to their dentist appointments. They love the video games, the televisions, and the picture booth. The atmosphere is very relaxed and personal. We felt welcome from our first visit. They even called a few days after my kids’ appointments to check and see how they were doing– who does that anymore? No stuffy staff or doctors here!!

-Jodie R.

I never thought having braces could be this much fun. Thank you for making it easy and pain free Dr. Nia!  I can’t wait to see my new smile. Good luck with the new office.

– Madison A., McDonough, GA

I’m a patient of Nia Pediatric Dentistry and Family Orthodontics. Nia is the best!! I have been going since January 2013. The whole time I’ve been going they have made me feel so comfortable with my braces. One thing Nia does that i really like is they tell me everything they are going to do my teeth to get them straight. What I really love about Nia is that they are so friendly to me.

-Jessi G.

Dr. Azi is very gentle with my kids and makes the appointments fun and easy for them and me.

– Laura M., Aurora, Co

I am 62 years old and when Dr. Nia told me that he could improve my smile with braces, it was hard for me to make a decision. He explained all of my options thoroughly and we decided on limited 6-month treatment with clear braces and wires.  Now 6 month later I am very pleased with my new smile.  (My grand daughter lives close to your new office and she will be seeing you soon Dr. Nia).

– Elaine M., McDonough GA

Friendly staff, very nice office, convenient hours and location, wonderful orthodontist- Dr. Farshid Nia, what more can you ask for? This office has it all. I only wish that it would have been available for our other 2 children. Our daughter has her new braces and we are confident that the end result will be spectacular. And she loved watching the TV installed in the ceiling during the process. Looking forward to the next years of service.

I have a 7 year old son. He has had many bad experiences with 5 different dentists in his little time he has had teeth. BUT!!! I am so glad that we found Nia Pediatric Dentistry. My son has gone to them 3 times in the last month to get his small issues fixed. The have made him and I feel so welcome. The whole staff is so pleasant and wonderful to work with. Thank you!!

-Michelle C. Canton GA

I had noticed the Nia Family Denistry signs near the Prominence Point Publix, exit 14 on 575 in Canton. When I first visited the office the staff was very kind and friendly and Doctor Azi Nia was there and was understanding of our need to find a great Pediatric Dentist for our special needs daughter J. The staff and Dr. Azi gave us a tour and we loved the office. At J’s first visit she was nervous and unsure because this was a new office for her and out of her comfort zone. Transitions are not her strong point. Amanda was wonderful giving J great instructions when she was having her dental x-rays done. Even when Jen balked at the panoramic, they were kind and gentle and gave her plenty of time and instruction to complete the x-ray. This was the first time a pano was completed for J and I was extremely pleased. When it came time to clean her examine and clean her teeth. Dr. Azi and Amanda were AWESOME!!! J does not like to lay down and is scared of the chair because it did not have arms. Dr. Azi ended up doing most of her dental cleaning standing up. Allowing J to sit up. I was very pleased at how they treated her and could definitely see Dr. Azi’s training with Special Needs Children. J was happy and did a great job thanks to the wonderful and caring staff at Nia Pediatric Dentistry.

-Michele P. Canton GA

I just got my braces on about 2 months ago now and haven’t had any problems. Dr.Nia is always welcoming when I come in and not too rough on my mouth. I love this orthodontist and hope to always come here for any dentistry!

-Angel M.

My daughter has started orthodontics with Dr Nia. It has been such a great experience, with a wide variety of appointments to choose from, that fits our schedule and a very friendly staff! The office is very roomy and is very beautiful inside too! I have seen the pediatric side as well, and the little ones will love it! I am so glad we made the switch to Nia Pediatric Denistry and Family Orthodontics!

Cricket L.

Dr. Nia and his staff are wonderful. My son just got his braces and is doing great. Dr. Nia wasn’t the first orthodontist we visited in preparation for his braces and we are so happy we found him. He did a wonderful job explaining the treatment and taking the time to answer questions.

Elizabeth G.

Nia dentistry in canton, ga. is the greatest children’s dentistry my daughter has been to and we recommended it to my cousin for her baby daughter and my roommates 3 kids…..

-Sherri F.

I am an Orthodontic patient of Nia Family Dentistry. I am very pleased with my care. I find the staff to be professional and pleasant. I would highly recommend this practice to everyone,

Janice M.

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