Dental fillings can be frightening for children, but they can be as equally frightening for the parent. However, this pain-free process is nothing to worry about and can help your child receive the most optimal oral health. Get all the facts from a licensed Marietta pediatric dentist. When both the parent(s) and child know exactly what to expect during a tooth filling, this makes everyone more at ease.

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Let’s dive into everything about pediatric tooth fillings with a local expert.

What Pediatric Filling is Best for My Child?

 A wide range of components matter in pediatric fillings, as a young child’s dental health is crucial and sensitive.

  • Placement of the filling
  • Material components of filling
  • Tooth structure and location of the tooth
  • Length/number of visits required for the procedure
  • Whether a direct or indirect filling is needed.

To understand more about pediatric dental care and processes for young kids, read our pediatric dentistry Common Procedures page. Glance at photos and get other in-depth explanations on dental services such as fillings and much more. 

Children should never feel ashamed for needing a filling. Although, it is very important for people of any age to understand how decay happens and how to prevent it. Learn to help your child stop tooth decay before it starts.

Pediatric Filling Process

Before your child receives their filling, your dentist will discuss all of your options and help you choose the best filling for your child. There are two main types of fillings for children- direct and indirect.

Direct fillings are placed into the cavity in only one visit. These can be made from composite or resin fillings or glass or resin ionomers. This quick process allows the dentist to prepare the tooth, place the filling and adjust it all in one pain-free appointment.

Indirect fillings can require two or more visits for completion. This is because they typically require veneers, crowns, inlays, or ceramics. During your child’s first appointment, the tooth is prepared and an impression of the area that needs to be restored is created. A temporary covering is placed over the tooth to keep it safe. The impression is then sent to a laboratory where the restoration is made. On your next visit, the restoration is placed and adjusted as needed.

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It can be quite scary for a young kid to have a tooth filled. With a licensed and empathetic dental team, the unknown can turn into an easy, comfortable experience. Look at our pediatric dentist FAQs guide for quick answers to some possible concerns.

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