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For over a hundred years, orthodontists have used metal braces to straighten their patients’ teeth and restore their smiles. The traditional metal materials achieve great results when used to move teeth into the proper position and correct minor bite issues. Although many alternatives have arrived on the scene in recent years, metal braces continue to perform well for patients who choose this smart option. If your child needs orthodontic correction for teeth misalignments or bite issues, you may benefit from learning more about metal braces.

Materials and Methods

Traditional braces have metal brackets and archwires designed to put steady pressure on the teeth and straighten them out. A strong adhesive attaches the brackets to the enamel on the front surface of each tooth before the archwire slides through the bracketry. Orthodontists may then use colored bands to apply additional pressure to the mouth in an effort to correct minor bite issues.

What to Expect During Treatment with Metal Braces

The metal braces treatment process begins with a thorough consultation appointment. Your child will undergo an examination to determine if the teeth and bite issues can be corrected by Dr. Nia. If so, you may be given several different treatment options to consider.

If you move forward with metal braces, your child will need to come in to have the braces placed. The placement process begins with the attachment of metal brackets to the teeth using a strong adhesive. To ensure the adhesive sticks, Dr. Nia will spray air to keep the teeth dry through the process.

Once the adhesive dries, it is time to thread the archwire through the inside of each bracket. Dr. Nia will secure the archwire in place and tighten it down slightly to put pressure on the teeth. Subsequent tightening appointments will allow for the application of more pressure to move the teeth into the healthiest positions.

Most patients move through the initial placement process within a few hours’ time. Your child may feel some swelling and discomfort at first, but our team will counsel you on how to offer your support. Within a few days, your child should adjust to the look and feel of the braces and move through the treatment process with ease.

Advantages of Metal Braces

Metal braces are strong, durable, and easy to care for throughout the tooth straightening process. The metal materials tend to retain their shape and resist breakage, even in the most demanding situations. When compared to the other options, metal braces are easier on the budget while offering equally good results. Perhaps the biggest benefit of metal braces is their versatility in treating tooth and bite misalignments. Minor to severe misalignment problems are easily rectified by using metal braces as the leading treatment option.

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If your child is in need of orthodontic care, including metal braces, give our team at Nia Dentistry a call today at (770) 800-8986 or fill out our contact form. At the scheduled appointment, your child will receive a thorough exam to determine the need for orthodontic care. If your child meets the eligibility requirements for metal braces, you can schedule an appointment to start the orthodontic treatment process.