Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty that diagnoses and treats improper teeth and jaw functions. Orthodontics treatment can cure these irregularities and can restore good function to teeth and gum movements. The treatment is especially applied to children and teenagers, but adults may also seek treatment from an orthodontist Canton to set their teeth right. Treatments for adult may take a slightly longer time than for non-adults, but success rates are high and it is really never too late to seek a treatment.

These treatments have become quite popular in recent times. This is because orthodontics treatment has more than one benefit. Irregular dental patterns can give rise to many dental complicacies at a later age. A good orthodontics treatment will greatly reduce the chances of such complicacies occurring. Therefore, the treatment does not only mean that you get perfect teeth and a pleasant smile (although these are important and many undergo the treatment for aesthetic reasons, even when there is no apparent malfunction or irregularity), but it also means that you get a perfectly lined teeth which regularizes the dental and oral functions and prevents plaque formation and other issues. Your gums and teeth will get a long healthy life and you will also get the best results from future dental treatments.smiling girl - orthodontics treatment

A Canton orthodontist will fit dental braces into your mouth. These braces will over time guide the teeth into a regular and uniform line. The braces are made of brackets and metal wires. Steel braces are most commonly used for treatment, but ceramic materials are also popular for brackets. In fact, people who do not want their braces to be very visible prefer ceramic brackets. Since the material blend in more naturally with the teeth, the braces made of ceramic become less visible. One may also use lingual braces for lack of visibility. The lingual braces are fitted at the back of the teeth. The lingual or ceramic braces, however, will cost more than normal steel braces.

Improper jaw bites (or malocclusion) is the most common type of problem treated by an orthodontist Canton. This situation can result from improper aligning of teeth. For example, if the upper front teeth protrude too much over the lower front teeth, this can lead to malocclusion. Overlapped teeth or teeth which do not line up are other such situations that give rise to improper jaw functions. A good orthodontics treatment will help correct these problems.

The treatment may take anything between one or two year, depending on the dental pattern and the nature of irregularities. During this period, the patients need to make little changes to their usual oral hygiene routine. The Canton orthodontist will detail you on the changes that you will need to make. Patients with braces are also expected to avoid chewy, crunchy, sticky or hard foods. Finally, youngsters often ask if it is okay for them to play sports with braces. The answer is it is perfectly okay to play sports but as a precaution, one should wear a protective mouth guard. One can ask his orthodontist Canton to recommend a proper mouth guard for him.