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Self Ligating Braces

A healthy smile has a big impact on your confidence levels, which is why it is so important to consider that factor while choosing the right type of orthodontics.  Due to its clear brackets that remain virtually invisible along with the front teeth, self-ligating braces can help you achieve a confidence-boosting smile well before the treatment period ends. Furthermore, the rapid treatment process helps you complete the transition months before results would be achieved with traditional braces.

Self-Ligating Braces Explained

Like traditional braces, the self-ligating braces system utilizes brackets and archwires to purposefully align the teeth and create a healthy smile – But that is where the similarities end. With self ligating braces, the brackets utilize a slider that naturally tightens the archwires as the teeth move into the right position. With the sliding wires, the need for elastic clips is eliminated, which results in a more comfortable experience for the patient. Since the process happens gradually, the need for palatal expanders and tooth extractions is dramatically reduced as well.

Advantages of the Self-Ligating System

The self-ligating system offers incredible advantages over traditional braces. Patients tend to finish their course of treatment and achieve a healthy smile about seven months earlier than the average for traditional metal braces. Furthermore, patients only have to come in for maintenance and adjustment appointments half as often.

The proprietary auto-slide mechanism and clear brackets cause much less physical and emotional discomfort for patients. The system also causes much less friction that would otherwise erode the enamel and potentially lead to complications in the future. The brackets and wires used for self-ligating braces are much easier to clean around using a brush and floss, which reduces the risk of cavities and other dental issues throughout the treatment period.

The clear brackets help patients retain their self-confidence levels throughout the entire treatment period. As teeth straighten out, patients tend to achieve higher confidence levels over time.

Treatment Expectations for Self Ligating

The installation process for self-ligating braces is largely the same as the procedures used for traditional systems. The dentist selects the right brackets and archwires for your needs before starting the installation process. The level of adjustment needed for the alignment of your teeth directly influences which wire size and material is selected. Your dentist will also take any metal allergies in account, as there are nickel-free archwires available for use with this system.

Your dentist will attach the brackets to your teeth using a special bonding product. Once the brackets are in place, the wire is attached and secured at the mounting points. The amount of time the installation takes is dramatically reduced over traditional methods due to the lack of elastic clips at either end of each of the brackets. At the end of your appointment, you will receive care information and have a chance to set up your first maintenance appointment. You will need to attend far fewer appointments with the self-ligating system than required for the upkeep and adjustment of traditional metal braces.

Starting the Straightening Process with Self-Ligating Braches

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