Teen Invisalign in Canton

Teen braces Canton

Teen braces Canton

Invisalign is the state-of-the-art system of aligners that is used to straighten your teenager’s teeth so that she or he will enjoy the confidence of a better aligned smile, along with the practical advantages such as less likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease from greater difficulty flossing between his or her teeth. Here at Nia Pediatric Dentistry & Family Orthodontics, we believe that our teen braces Canton give your child the type of benefits that will make them feel positive about wearing them.

What makes Teen Invisalign such a big deal? Well, at the top of the list is that the aligners are made of clear plastic. And because of this, they are invisible. Your child can go to school, hang out with her or his friends, go on dates, and live a normal teenage life, all without the indignity and self-consciousness that can occur when wearing traditional braces. Clear plastic also means that he or she will experience far greater comfort during orthodontic treatment. Metal braces can cause mouth irritation or soreness, but Teen Invisalign will not. So he or she will feel better about wearing our teen braces Canton. They are also removable. The only time they should be taken out is for brushing and flossing, or for eating. But those are big plusses. For one thing, more efficient oral hygiene is the result of not having braces in the way. And your child can eat any foods that she or he wants to. This includes favorites like pizza and popcorn. No worrying about crunchy, sticky, or chewy items. This alone is often enough to make a teenager like the idea of our teen braces Canton.

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