Parents want to make sure their children are healthy and happy from the very moment they are born. As such, proper hygiene is crucial in the very early years. Get expert advice from one pediatric dentist in Marietta on proper dental care for your baby. Know when it is time to start brushing your baby’s teeth and how to do it right. Plus, you don’t want to upset the tooth fairy. She looks forward to healthy teeth just as much as the dentist.


Pediatric dentists specialize in the dental health of babies and children. They have a kind touch and are empathetic to the special needs and fears that most kids have when going to the dentist, as well as making parents feel at ease.

Dental Care for Babies

Starting a healthy dental routine even before your baby’s first tooth comes in paves the way for great oral health.

When is it time to start cleaning my baby’s teeth?

  • After breast or bottle feeding, gently rub a clean, damp washcloth or gauze with your pointer finger across your baby’s gums.
  • Clearing food particles out of the gums even before any teeth allows your baby to get comfortable with the process.

When is it time to start brushing my baby’s teeth?

  • As soon as the first tooth comes in, switch to a toothbrush.
  • If you are not comfortable using a toothbrush, buy or make a finger puppet brush for your pointer finger.
  • Do not use toothpaste yet, just water.

When is it time to start brushing my baby’s teeth with toothpaste?

  • Start brushing when a few teeth have appeared.
  • Do NOT use toothpaste with fluoride unless advised by your dentist.

How do I know I’m doing it correctly?

  • Use only a tiny amount of non-fluoride toothpaste.
  • Teach your child to spit the toothpaste out. This is practice and preparation for when you switch to fluoride toothpaste. Also, explain to your child to never ingest fluoride.

When do I schedule my baby’s first dentist appointment?

  • It is crucial to schedule an appointment with an experienced pediatric dentist in Marietta no later than six months after a baby’s first birthday or grows in their first tooth.
  • If there are signs of any dental problems before your baby’s first tooth comes in, it is best to have a licensed pediatric dentist take a look.

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